Claiming the Hyperspace Airdrop

Follow these steps to get your free Space Cash!

Qualifying for the Airdrop

Information about the airdrop and how you would have qualified.

Last Updated October 4, 2018

The airdrop was based on balances in official Sia wallets on block 161358 of the Sia network. Here's a visual explanation:

Hyperspace Airdrop Visual Explanation

A visual explanation of how the Space Cash airdrop worked.

If you had coins in an official Sia wallet when the snapshot block of 161358 occurred (approximately July 1, 2018, at 02:50 GMT), you were given 1/10th of your Siacoins in Space Cash on Hyperspace. This balance is found in the same seed that your Siacoins were in on the snapshot block. In other words, at the time of the snapshot, the Sia network was basically copied, all balances reduced by 90%, and now this is what is called Space Cash on the new Hyperspace network.

After the airdrop block, the two networks continued as separate forks. If you didn't have Siacoins where you wanted them at the airdrop block, you're too late to receive an airdrop of Space Cash. Transactions on both networks going forward have no effect on the balances of the other network.

What if I had coins on an exchange?

Unless the exchange decides to support Space Cash in the future and credit you with an airdrop for your exchange balance, Siacoins on an exchange do not qualify for the airdrop. Contact your exchange to see if they plan on supporting Hyperspace/Space Cash and sharing the airdrop with you.

What if I had coins locked up in renting or hosting on Sia?

Only wallet balances were credited with the airdrop. It was deemed too technically complex to try to credit all renters and hosts with the different coins that were locked up across contracts and collateral.

Is there a time limit to claim the airdrop?

No - as long as your have your airdrop seed, your Space Cash will be waiting for you. You can claim it at any time.

Protecting your Siacoins

Using the same seed on both networks can be risky.

Before you claim your Space Cash in Hyperspace, it's a good idea to move your Siacoins out of the wallet/seed they were in at the airdrop block and into a new wallet/seed. The reason for this is that by entering your seed into Hyperspace, if your seed was compromised there somehow, somebody could take it and load it into Sia to steal your Siacoins as well. You can mitigate this risk by transferring your Siacoins to a new Sia wallet.

New Sia Seed Visual Explanation

A visual explanation of why we want to move Siacoins off our Hyperspace airdrop seed.

Follow the steps below to move your Siacoins into a new wallet in the Sia-UI. You should not do this if renting or hosting on Sia, as it may affect your contracts.

  1. Make sure you have your current Sia seed written down somewhere.
  2. Open the Sia-UI and use the Terminal to type wallet init --force and press enter (or use siac). This will create a new wallet and replace your current one.
  3. Write the new seed down - this will be your new Sia wallet. Also notice that the password for your new wallet is the same as the seed.
  4. Click on the Wallet tab and enter the password (the seed). The wallet will take a while to scan the blockchain.
  5. Once the Wallet is done scanning, click on Recover Seed and enter your old seed. This will transfer all the Siacoins from your old wallet to your new one. You may see an unconfirmed transaction appear - it's simply for moving your funds to your new wallet, and should confirm within 10-20 minutes.
  6. If you want, you can also change the Wallet password to something easier to enter and remember by clicking Change Password and using the seed as the current password again.

Now, your old Siacoin seed can be used in Hyperspace to claim your airdrop without having to worry about your Siacoins being stolen, because you've transferred your Siacoins to a new wallet. Make sure you protect both seeds - the old seed will contain your Space Cash airdrop, and the new seed will have your Siacoins.

Claiming your Space Cash Airdrop

It's time to get your Space Cash!

Claiming your Space Cash airdrop is very easy. However, if you haven't yet, we'd recommend reading about Protecting your Siacoins above before importing your airdrop seed into Hyperspace. It has important information on helping you prevent loss of both Siacoins and Space Cash in the event your seed is ever compromised.

When you're ready to claim your airdrop, simply follow these instructions - there are two ways to claim your airdrop:

A freshly downloaded copy of the Hyperspace app v0.1.1 on Windows.

To claim your airdrop:

  1. Download the Hyperspace v0.1.1 app from the Hyperspace app GitHub releases.

    You must download v0.1.1 to claim your airdrop. Do not download newer versions of Hyperspace, or download from the Hyperspace website. An option to claim your airdrop will be added in future versions of Hyperspace, but trying to claim an airdrop in any version later than v0.1.1 will not work at this time.

  2. Extract all files from the ZIP file.
  3. Open the Hyperspace app and wait for it to synchronize.

From here, you've got two options. Only select one.

Option 1: Recover your airdrop into a new Hyperspace wallet (More Secure):

This method is recommended because it will move your Space Cash off of your airdrop (Sia) seed and into a new Hyperspace wallet. That way, anyone who gets a hold of your Sia seed cannot also steal your Space Cash in the future.

  1. Check the Use custom passphrase box if you want to use a password for your wallet other than the seed. Otherwise, the seed will be the default password.
  2. Click on Create a new wallet. Enter a new password if you chose to use a custom passphrase.
  3. Write down your seed and password for your new wallet. This will now be your main Hyperspace wallet, so don't lose it!
  4. Once you've written your new seed and password down, click the button saying you've done so, and enter it again to confirm you copied it correctly.
  5. Unlock your wallet with your password or seed. Hyperspace will scan the blockchain for your wallet, even though it's a new wallet.
  6. After the scan is done, click Recover Seed and enter your airdrop (Sia) seed. This will move your airdrop to your new Hyperspace wallet. You'll see an unconfirmed transaction appear. It may take 10-20 minutes to confirm, more in some cases.

Your airdrop (Sia) seed is now empty of Space Cash, and your Space Cash airdrop is now in your new Hyperspace wallet. You no longer need your Sia seed for Hyperspace in the future, you only need the new wallet seed that you wrote down in step 6. Make sure you don't lose this seed!

Option 2: Load your airdrop seed to use as your primaty wallet (Less Secure):

This method is not recommended because it will leave your Space Cash on your airdrop (Sia) seed. If somebody gets a hold of your Sia seed in the future, they could also steal your Space Cash.

  1. Check the Use custom passphrase box if you want to use a password for your wallet other than the seed. Otherwise, the seed will be the default password.
  2. Click on Load a wallet from a seed.
  3. Enter your airdrop (Sia) seed, enter a new password if you chose to use a custom passphrase, and click Confirm.
  4. Unlock your wallet with your password or seed. Hyperspace will scan the blockchain for your wallet.

After a few minutes, your airdrop funds will appear in your wallet balance and your transaction list. Make sure you don't lose your airdrop (Sia) seed, as it will continue to contain your Space Cash.

If you decide to move your Space Cash off your Sia seed in the future to make your wallet more secure, follow the steps under Protecting your Siacoins above in the Hyperspace app to create a new wallet in Hyperspace and move your Space Cash to it. The instructions are written for the Sia-UI but the steps are exactly the same.

Finally, you can update to the latest version of Hyperspace - see this FAQ topic for instructions.

That's all there is to getting your Hyperspace airdrop! If you want more detailed instructions on how to download the Hyperspace app and set up your wallet (and with more pictures), visit our Wallet Setup Guide.

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